The Human Touch: Building Personalized Relationships with B2B Contacts

Article by Jonathan Bomser | CEO |

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In the world of B2B marketing and sales, B2B contact relationships reign supreme. Personal connections can transform ordinary B2B contacts into valuable business partnerships. This blog post outlines ten strategies to inject a human touch into your B2B relations, enhancing your marketing strategy and sales pipeline.


Understand Your Customer

Start by gaining a thorough understanding of your B2B contacts. Know their business, industry trends, pain points, and aspirations. A well-maintained B2B contact database can help store and retrieve this valuable information.

Make Every Interaction Count

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to nurture the relationship. Show empathy and responsiveness in each interaction, be it an email, a phone call, or a social media engagement.

Personalize Your Communication

Generic messaging won't cut it. Leverage the power of CRM integration to personalize your outreach. Personalized emails and marketing content resonate better and make your contacts feel valued.

Stay in Regular Contact

Consistency builds familiarity and trust. Ensure regular, but non-intrusive, contact with your B2B leads to stay top of mind.

Exceed Expectations

Meeting expectations is good, but exceeding them is better. Go the extra mile in delivering your product or service, providing customer support, or sharing valuable industry insights.

Show Genuine Interest

Express genuine interest in your contacts' business growth and success. Celebrate their wins and support them in their challenges.

Leverage Social Media

Utilize social media to understand your contacts' online behavior, preferences, and interests. Engage with their content, and share relevant information to foster a connection.

Provide Value-Added Content

Regularly share content that adds value to your contacts' business. This could be industry research, thought leadership articles, or tips on industry best practices.

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Advocate for Their Business

Where appropriate, promote your B2B contacts' business. This could be through social media shoutouts, references in your content, or word-of-mouth recommendations.

Ask for Feedback

Welcome feedback and act upon it. This not only improves your services but also shows your contacts that their opinion matters.

In conclusion, building personalized relationships in B2B marketing is not a one-off task. It requires ongoing effort, genuine interest, and an understanding of the human behind the business. By implementing these strategies, you can deepen your B2B relationships, enhancing customer loyalty, and opening up new sales opportunities.